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Arts Graduate

*I've Lost My Way*


Jessica provided me with the most fantastic level of support in my search for the right career path. She offers a very thorough look into your strengths, weaknesses and interests to help better equip, for me in particular, to find the right career choice, while also guiding me through managing the application and interview process. Along with her approachable manner, she also is a highly empathetic person, and achieves a balance between on your requirements while also offering advice and direction. My confidence has undeniably change since working with her and I would thoroughly recommend her as a career coach for anyone.

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Senior Manager

*What's Next For Me*


I first met Jessica when she was HR Director at Burberry. I admired her approach to her work - she got things done, made sensible decisions and had the ability to communicate with and influence others. When Jessica left and became a coach I asked if I could have some career coaching sessions with her. I knew I would feel comfortable working with her and trusted her ability. The sessions I had with Jessica really got me thinking and she used a number of different approaches. I have now finished my sessions and have gained clarity on what I want to achieve and have been given practical guidance on how to go about this. I would highly recommend Jessica as a coach to anybody who is unhappy in their role or who feels unsure of where they are going or how to achieve their goals.


*Life Changing Event*

Simply put these coaching sessions have been a life saver. I was lost, confused, angry, demotivated, had no self-esteem and no purpose. The sessions helped me come to terms with the life changing event and focus on a new normal. At the end of our sessions I have felt  calmer, relieved, focused, validated, optimistic, in control, competent, passionate, and much more. The essential point is I always leave in a much better place than when I arrive.


Junior Manager


*Needing Direction*


I have found the coaching had really helped me focus on certain aspects of my life that needed changing, to make me feel I had a chance to reach my full potential. I was doubting myself and needed to focus on how I could unpick and make changes in areas of my life to make me feel happier and more fulfilled.
I found the action based approach meant that each session I came away with strong clear ideas of my next steps and that gave me confidence I could do it. It also helped me realise which areas of my life I am happy with

Back to work Mum

*Skills & Confidence Building*

…..the interview preparation/mock interview was very helpful....I am not sure I would have hung on for the right job without Jessica's  direction

Successful Executive

*Change of Life Goals*

Jessica was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through a difficult time in my career and helping me with what path to choose next. Jessica is such a good listener and helped me tackle some challenging cross roads in my life, she was central to helping me get my confidence levels back and realise my full potential to go freelance. She also assisted me with saving money to go travelling which was the best experience of my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a life coach!

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